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RMUY8B53NWFixed a Domino Server crash ' On Newdeadlockdetectionint ' when STUserInfo process initializes and terminates.
ACHG8DXE99Fixed a Notes Crash that was occurring because the headlessdb views were cached and there was a possibility that the data used for this caching could...
PMAO8GGSDKIf quota check is set to 'check on file extend' within DAOS it was possible to create an object and increment the dbinfo5 DAOS stats, and then fail...
VPRS8GHJXMFixed Domino server hang in OSLockWriteFRWSemInt due to the Transaction Log Recover Manager Logfile being full.
GTON8GHD4NFix resolves a defect where profile documents are not replicating when the best merge flag on the properties of the form is set in the design....
JPAI8GKJVTFix resolves data corruption & server crashes due to writing of data as it is being accessed. Regression in 8.5.1 FP5.
KHAN8EZPESFix prevents Domino Server crash which can occur in NSFDbGetSpecialNoteID under certain circumstances.
JPAI8ERUWGResolved inter-op issues with BES where BES 5.03 can pass in an extremely large list of note ids causing long held locks on that affected database....
DROO87HRCRResolved a Database resync issue where resync left the catalog in the SYNCHRONIZED state when it should not have.
JPAI8ENJM7Fix prevents timeout during database replication when folder operations are taking a long time.
JPAI8G7LJDFix resolves hang issues when running compact -B on a transaction logged server. Fix also resolves crash during deadlock detection.
JPAI8FRFR2Resolved DAOS catalog out of sync errors.
JPAI8FTKTKFix resolves hang issues when running compact -B on a transaction logged server. Fix resolvse crash during deadlock detection as...
CLEN8AGJKPFix resolves copy style compact DAOS nsf from LZ1 to huffman fails with: Unable to write to file (NLO) Entry not found in index.
RMAS8HN2KVFix resolves an issue within Domino databases where documents are incorrectly marked as read.
MERS889KHRAddresses an issue where a new out of office setting was lost when the icon note was updated on more that one replica of the...
MHAN88MSJ8Fix resolves filesize handling in dbdir and the admin client files tab.


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